Sleeping Through Southeast Asia

A fear some people have of visiting foreign countries is what the accommodations are like so I wanted to share a bit about the places we stayed while visiting Cambodia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Viet Nam.



I’d gladly stay at the Frangipani Villa 90s again.

Phnom Penn – Frangipani Villa 90s

I loved his hotel. There are two in Phnom Penn so make sure your tuk tuk driver knows which one you need to get to.

We stayed in a king room downstairs with tv, air conditioning, and a bathroom with a tub. Every morning we ate their delicious free cooked-to-order breakfast (I had the fried rice with chilies. Yum!). The people that work there are ah-may-zing! The folks at reception are super friendly and helpful. The housekeeping staff is really sweet and warm. The kitchen folks are very fast and responsive. We stayed in Phnom Penn for four days and I enjoyed it so much that we booked with them again on the way out. Our bus from Saigon got inn around 3pm so we booked a room while waiting on our midnight flight to return home. If I had know it was going to be that good, I probably would have booked them for Siem Reap too.

Siem Reap – AirBnB


The main bedroom in the condo in Siem Reap.

We booked an AirBnB 2 bedroom condo while in Siem Reap. It was nice to have the space to spread out in though our toddler mostly slept with us anyway.



Bangkok – AirBnB

This was our first AirBnB in Asia. We landed at the airport in Bangkok and took an Uber right up to the door of the condo. There was a person at the desk that provided a key to the condo. It was a one bedroom, two bathroom that had a pull-out couch in the living room. We actually made a pallet on the floor for the baby and we took the bed. Both rooms had televisions with cable. The internet worked well. There was a full kitchen that had the basics (dishes, pots, pans, utensils) and a little patio off of said kitchen. We were in touch with our host via the AirBnB website.

The bed was hard but my experience with beds in foreign countries is that they like ’em hard. There was a 7-Eleven downstairs. The metro was a block away. There was a mall (with grocery store, coffee shop, McDonald’s, etc.) about two blocks away. We found a night market that sold lots of different things and enjoyed a delicious Mexican burrito.

It was a nice part of town, though definitely not geared towards tourists. To get to The Reclining Buddha, the Museum of Siam, or other touristy things you’ll have to take the metro and change lines twice. It was a good fit for us. The price and location worked well for our little family of three.



Hong Kong – Gold Coast Hotel

Arriving in Hong Kong was like landing back in Los Angeles. The airport was efficient. The Uber was close. We chose this hotel because they have a kid play area. The Gold Coast Hotel was comparable to staying at a W. Everything was fluffy and soft and courteous. We were only in town for two nights because we only flew up there to visit Hong Kong Disney. Upon arrival, I wished we had booked more time.



Singapore – AirBnB

We booked an AirBnB again for Singapore. I didn’t understand until we arrived that Singapore is a city and a country. It separated from Malaysia in 1965 and that’s why it’s so small. It has an amazing history.

Anyhoo …¬† we got an taxi from the airport and the driver was very kind. We had our baby with us and needed milk so he took us to a local grocery store and waited while we shopped. The taxi drivers are very regulated. He said that only people born in Singapore were allowed to get a taxi license. Housing is also regulated so most people live in homes proved by the government. Each housing block has it’s own grocery store, shops, and other community necessities. After hearing that, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The apartment we rented was a third floor walk up in an older looking while building but the apartment was modern though small. There was a bathroom (with shower only), a galley kitchen with washing machine, and a room that seemed to be used as both a bedroom (there was a queen sized bed) and a living room (there was a small sectional and a side table). Of course, there was a flat screen television. The internet worked well.

We could have caught the bus but decided to use Uber since we are lazy and the cost wasn’t too bad.

Viet Nam


Saigon – Silverland Hotel

This is a really cute little hotel close to things many Saigon tourists want to see. There is a Brazilian steakhouse on the same side as the hotel, a Pizza Hut diagonally across the street, a grocery store a block away and tons of food shops, nail shops, clothing shops, etc. in this neighborhood. We were also able to walk down to the tourist shopping area and check out this little thrift store (Mayhem Thrift) while walking around.

I didn’t get a photo of the room because once were in it, there wasn’t any place to stand where you wouldn’t see us. Lol To be fair, the room also had a full-sized crib shoved in the corner.

The room was small but clean and well appointed. The service was impeccable and of course everyone loved the baby. The doormen were especially nice. From the airport to the hotel we paid $4 US. I’m not even playing. We took Uber. It took 45 minutes in traffice. We paid FOUR DOLLARS. Welcome to Viet Nam.


Our king sized bed in the loft at Famiana Resort.

Phu Quac Island – Famiana Resort

I loved, loved, LOVED this beachfront resort. We stayed in a beachfront loft. The bottom floor had a living room, a WONDERFUL bathroom, a small kitchenette (no stove), and a sliding glass door that leads to a patio and is steps from the beach.

Read my review of Famian Resort.

We visited five countries in Asia and stayed at seven places. None of the places were bad. Most were cheap. I’d gladly stay at any of them again.

Happy travels!


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