Drive an RV Back for $100

RV black woman

I just saw something posted about driving an RV (recreational vehicle) back to it’s rental facility in one of my travel groups. I had no idea this was a thing. I’ve heard people talk about repositioning crusises that can get you cheap travels, working on a boat to cut travel costs down, but I’ve never heard of driving an RV to save on travel costs.

Hmmmmm …..

Apparently, you can check the site to see what RVs need to be taken back to the rental facility. I checked today and they were offering 100% reimbursement of fuel charges plus $100 to drive it back. Not too shabby.

The drawbacks I see are:

  • It’s a one way deal so you’ll have to rent a car or fly to your next destination.
  • Not all of the drives come with full reimbursement and payment.
  • Even if you will be reimbursed, you’ll have to come up with all of the gas money first.

Anyhoo …  has anyone done it? It looks like a fun way to get to a random city. Are there any drawbacks I’m overlooking?



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