AirBnBs in South Africa

We visited South Africa at the end of August 2015. It was glorious. We saw Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. We used AirBnBs in each city.


It was our first time in South Africa and since we saw Jerusalema we wanted to be extra safe with our lives and our new toddler. We rented a house in Sandton (a suburb in the financial district). It was on a compound behind locked gates that included the main house (where the owner lived with her family), a guest duplex (her mother lived on the bottom and she AirBnB’d out the top), and servant’s quarters where to families, complete with children, from Zimbabwe lived. The apartment was a studio with a kitchen, bathroom (with shower only) and livingroom with wi-fi and US cable shows. Since we were bringing our baby, she was able to scare up a playpen for him to sleep in.

SA Jozi AirBnB Sandton livingroom

Studio AirBnB in Sandton, South Africa. 2015

SA Jozi AirBnB Sandton bathroom

Bathroom of studio in Sandton, South Africa.

SA Jozi AirBnB Sandton patio

The patio of the studio in Sandton, South Africa.

SA Jozi AirBnB Sandton bedroom

The bedroom of the studio. The sliding glass doors leading to the patio bring in light.


Cape Town

When we flew to Cape Town we new we needed more freedom so we rented a car and rented an AirBnB beach house in Muzinger in a HOA community. It was a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a patio, and a small garden. It was very modern in style and included wi-fi, cable,  and a washer and dryer. The only drawback was we couldn’t figure out how to work the heating panels and it was COLD at night.

SA Cape Town AirBnB Muzinger living room

The living room at the AirBnB in Muzinger, South Africa. 2015


SA Cape Town AirBnB Muzinger kitchen

The kitchen and dining area in the AirBnB. There is a circular dining table that’s not in the frame.


SA Cape Town AirBnB Muzinger bathroom

The bathroom with separate shower and tub.

SA Cape Town AirBnB Muzinger garden

The garden at the AirBnB in Muzinger, South Africa.



We had a few more nights in Jozi so we booked a condo. It was a two bedroom, one bathroom modern condo with wi-fi, cable, and a washing machine.

SA Jozi AirBnB kitchen

The kitchen/dining room in the condo AirBnB in Jozi’s suburbs.

SA Jozi AirBnB bedroom

The bedroom in the AirBnB condo.

SA Jozi AirBnB bathroom

The bathroom with tub/shower combination in the AirbnB in the Jozi suburbs.


Since the driving was going so well, after flying back to Jozi we decided to take a 6 hour drive up the tollway over to Durban. We rented a small studio (without a bathroom door. Who knew?!) in a home in La Lucia. There were grey monkeys hanging out in the back yard and we found a strange creature chilling on the wall of our studio one time. Lol Grey monkeys were running in the streets in Durban so I guess it’s just more full of wildlife than other areas. Lol

I’ll post the photos as soon as I find them. Lol


We had an amazing time in South Africa and we can’t wait to return.






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