The Logistics of Getting to Sudan

Sudan map of Africa

I’m really, really, really trying to make it to Sudan ..  and it looks like the universe is conspiring with me.

Fact #1 – A woman in my travel group ventured to Sudan, with her kids …  and she lives near me. We’re meeting Wednesday.

Fact #2 – I came upon a tour group offering tours of Sudan for around $800 per person (land only) during a time the weather is mild and we could actually go.

Fact #3 – I checked airfare for the dates the tour is available. Flights are less than $600 round trip!

Fact #4 – I found a review of someone else’s journey through Jeddah’s airport and …  it wasn’t that bad. We’d have a 5 hour layover there.

This might actually happen. I’m so excited!



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