Back to Oahu

2015 Oahu North Shore Turtle Bay Resort Guillermo Shay windy beach

We took our oldest to Oahu, Hawai’i for their first birthday. We stayed in Waikiki, the north shore, and then ended up back in Waikiki. While there, we took a photo of the baby standing next to a surfboard. I always thought it would be cute to return every few years and take the same image of them.

Welp, here it is time to celebrate their 5th born day and I didn’t think it was gonna happen. The first time we went, we only had to buy two tickets. Now, we’re a family of four. Tickets were running about $300 per ticket when you can catch a sale and I wasn’t looking forward to dropping $1.200 on tickets plus ridiculously priced hotels and a rental car.

Funny how things come together sometimes …

People in my travel groups have been salivating over Southwest starting a new route to Hawai’i. I haven’t really been paying attention because I’ve been to Guam (another tropical paradise) so many times but last week I woke up and saw $100 tickets from Oakland to Honolulu. Even my cheap self couldn’t pass that up. Lol

By the time I went to purchase the tickets, they were up to $157 per but that was fine by me. I was also able to snag an AirBnB right outside of Waikiki for $80 per night with free parking! Parking can be $40 per night at hotels in Waikiki! The best part? We are leaving the Monday after their birthday party!

We’re looking forward to our second child’s first trip to Hawai’i. We’ll get to do some things that we enjoyed again (Diamond Head anyone?) and do some new things this time (perhaps we’ll snorkel) around.




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