Composting Toilet Okay in Mohave County

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The from the Department of Environmental Quality called me back and it’s a go! After him asking me why I wanted a composting toilet, and me explaining that section e was all I needed, he told me that I can have a composting toilet and that the $518 permit fee was per home, not per toilet. Whoo hoo!

The only thing he mentioned was that the composting toilet I buy has to be on the Proprietary Products list. The only brand I recognize is Sun-Mar. The feedback is that though Sun-Mars are okay, Nature’s Head is amazing. There aren’t too many options for composting toilets on the

I left a message with the local Environmental Quality liaison to find out how the list can be updated. On the website, it says the compost toilets listed are from 2005. Yes, I said FIVE …  fourteen years ago. If I have to buy the two parts okay’d by the Environmental Quality board to get to have a compost toilet I’ll do that ..   but a one-piece Nature’s Head composting toilet would sure be nice.

2 thoughts on “Composting Toilet Okay in Mohave County

  1. I too am starting this process in Mohave County. Called and spoke to the locAl office today. If love any additional information you have, or an update on how your project is going.

  2. We are at a stand still. I went to get the permit and the office says we CAN have compost toilets but that we have to put in a septic system first. This makes NO sense. She said she’d have to wait to hear from Cullen but it’s been a week and I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m going to follow up this week. How is your project coming along?

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