Building a House: Site Preparation

Welp, we bought the land and now we’re planning on building our house.

Since we got the 2.35 acres for a song, we were hoping that the building the house would be easy. We’d plan what we wanted, get the permits, buy some materials, hire some folks, and be ready to live in the house by summer ….   perhaps not.

The first thing we hadn’t considered was: site preparation. There is a road that goes from the main road to the street our property is on but I hadn’t considered that it a car can’t drive down the road all the way to our property. We usually park and walk the last bit.

This morning we had a guy come out and give us an estimate on how much it would cost to push the dirt over so  we can drive all the way to our property. He said it’ll be around $600 to push the dirt, move the largest stones, and fill in part of a wash on the way to get to our property. He has a job now (building a road going up a mountain that will take him a few more days to finish) so he’ll be able to do our road.

He also said that he digs holes for perc tests and owner/builder septic systems.

I need to keep a running tally of costs.

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