Accurate as of February 2011

from Narita Airport (NRT) to Tokyo Train Station
Narita Express
Suica&N’EX package
Y5,500 per person, round trip (About $65US)
You get the train ride from Narita into Tokyo and back PLUS you get a Suica Card loaded with Y1,200 ($15US) to ride the subway trains with. (Tokyo Metro and JR Lines)

Ginza Daiei Hotel
about a 5 min walk from the Ginza-Itchome Station on the Yurachucho Line (go toward Show-wa Dori)
cost about $135 per night.
– Small rooms by US standards, large rooms by Japanese standards
– Great DEEP bathtubs with hot water
– English speaking staff (beginning English, but still … )
– Laundry on site
– Great toiletry set
– Weird radio/light command center on headboard (i kept turning on the radio while i slept)

Subway System
– Everything is in English and Japanese
– Everyone is SUPER nice. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
– When you have to recharge your Suica card, make sure to press Engilsh and then insert your card. If you insert your card first, you won’t get the option to change to Engilsh. Made that mistake. =(

Willar Express overnight to Hiroshima
– Can only purchase bus pass OUTSIDE of Japan
– Wonderful internet site
– Great seats

– Cost Y150 ($1.75US) per adult (Y80 per child) and they go everywhere
– They leave from outside of Hiroshima Station (in the back)
– You pay when you get off

Comfort Inn Hiroshima
– Cheap (and you get what you pay for)
– Tepid to warm water for bathing
– Very, very close to Peace Park (2 min walk) and shopping district (5 min walk)
– Staff is very friendly and speak English (beginning English)
– Cafe on the corner has pretty good American waffles! It costs around Y500 ($7US), but it was pretty tasty.

Hiroshima Castle
– You MUST go!
– Costs Y360 ($5US) per person
– 10 min walk from Peace Park
– Has a wonderful museum with 5 floors of videos, artifacts, other interesting tidbits about Samuri culture PLUS you can take photos in Samurai armor (with helmet), man’s outfit, and/or woman’s outfit for FREE and there is a gorgeous view of Hiroshima from the 5th floor of the tower (again, for FREE).


Couch Surfing, baby!

Tokyo (again)

Disney Sea


2 thoughts on “Logistics

  1. Ok call me stupid but I didn’t know what this logistics tab was all about…. I actually enjoyed the break down and reading the pro and cons of things. I like that you are precise and to the point about things and you want believe this I actually said to Greg (husband). “We should travel more”! His response – We should have shay be our travel guide.

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