Exploring Salvador on Foot


One of the Salvador signs. This one is in front of the elevator.

We decided to hit the streets and see what Salvador had to offer. We mainly wanted to see:

Afro Brasilian Museum in Pelournho – It was closed. We came right before the day of Saint Barbara.

Elevador Lacerda – It looks cool but at the end of the day it’s really just an elevator. It does have cool views from the top though.

Mercado Modelo – It’s a swap meet. Most of the stalls have the same crap. It was cool to go because …. why not but I wasn’t overly impressed.

Well, two out of three ain’t bad, right? Lol We also saw a statue of Zumbi dos Palmares in Pelournho. Now, if only they’d get a statue for his wife Dandara.

After we left Pelournho we walked back towards the elevator to head towards the bus depot. We couldn’t figure out which bus to get on (the bus guy was being an ass) so we started walking down the street parallel and south of September 7th. We were staying on September 7th down by the yacht club so we figured it would take us back to where we wanted to be. The streets are full of low-end shopping. It’s like the alley in Los Angeles! If finding random crap is your thing, this is the street for you. We wandered the shops for a bit and then realized how long of a walk it is from Pelournho aaaaaallllllll the way back down to the yacht club.

We stopped at the grocery store to grab some stuff and continued trudging. By the time we reached the condo we were pooped. It was a good day though.


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