Dreaming of Sudan

Sudan Meroe pyramids man camel

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I read a lot of Kola Boof.

When I found out that Sudan was part of the kingdom folks love to visit in Egypt, I couldn’t help but start studying the pyramids at Meroe. I also found out that Sudan is always looking for native English speakers to teach English.

Then I thought since I was dreaming about going to east Africa anyway … I may as well hit up as much as I could (in my mind). I mapped out a plan to start in Ethiopia. I would see the rock hewn churches and learn more about Christianity as it is practiced there.

Since I am over there anyway (in my mind) I may as well mosey on over to Khartoum (where the Arabs rule the Nubians and kept them enslaved leading to a 22 year war that ended when South Sudan became it’s own country) and stay at the Corinthia Hotel (they say there is a view of where the blue Nile and the white Nile meet) or Rosa Park Hotel before heading up to Meroe. I’d visit the pyramids (those hieroglyphics! That sunrise! That night sky! *swoon*) and try to learn as much as I could about how the folks in Nubia (now called Sudan) got along with the folks in Egypt. There are many similarities and we’ve all heard about the “upper” and “lower” kingdoms right? I’ve heard some say that the Nubian kingdom is what that’s about.

After that, I’d go on up to Cairo and visit the other pyramids (I’m calling them that from now on). This sounds like a great plan until I realized that:

  • Getting a visa is a pain.
  • Getting a visa is expensive.
  • We’d have to get $200 yellow fever shots.
  • Once there, we’d have to register as “aliens” and get a photo visa.
  • We’d have to carry large amounts of cash since Sudan doesn’t generally use credit cards.

I might have to wait a minute on this dream trip but since I’m dreaming anyway … I may as well read some blogs about traveling to Sudan.

From 12 Things not to do in Khartoum:

Sudan once held Ancient Egypt, Nubia, and the Kingdom of Kush and is home to thousands of tribes and ethnicities. Leave the city. Go explore Port Sudan and see the Red Sea. Go to Kassala and see the ancient pyramids and a camel race. Go to Mount Awliya and have your breath taken away by the pure, untouched nature. Make the most out of your trip to this (in my opinion) highly underrated country.

A Backpacker’s Guide to Sudan (a room with aircon and a squat toilet. Lol

Perhaps a tour (Lupine Travel anyone?) might be easier.






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